Get To Know The Destination Damselfly Team; Your Number One Lesbian Travel Specialists in Greece

Who are we? Simple: We specialise in the Lesbian community so that lesbians can travel totally hassle free with their friends, partners and loved ones to amazing destinations, with fabulous food, comfort and acceptance.  We have created tours that allow you to travel as a group, or you can choose one of our "Feel Free" itineraries that allow you to have the freedom to do as you please. Providing a local cell phone to guests so that even if they are off doing their own thing at leisure, the Damselfly team is always going to be on call for you. 

As specialists for Lesbian Travel in Greece, we cater to Lesbians and the LGBTQ community needs.  We understand you, and ensure that you are cared for, happy, and most of all, completely at ease. Destination Damselfly has a wonderful team with a combined career in the travel industry for almost 40 years. Whether you choose to do a group trip or simply travel on your own with your loved ones, we are the team that you need when you visit Greece.

Most companies create themselves based on what people want and let them know how they did it.  At Damselfly, we believe in the "Why" we created what we did.  Our slogan is "where you can be you" which simply means that when you travel with us on a trip, you can be yourself completely. We give you an in-depth experience of the destinations we visit as well as all of the information about the activities included in our tailor-made trips. We immerse you in to the local culture away from the tourist track, and let you feel the vibes of the location and its people. 

Damselflies and Dragonflies have symbolised a variety of things over the centuries, but when I chose this name, it was simply because these beautiful creatures have come to represent what it is we believe in. Unity, beauty, partnerships, strength and diversity.

Our aim and pledge, is to provide outstanding service, local knowledge and professional warm hospitality to all of our guests. Regardless of where you as our guest, comes from, Damselfly caters to your needs, in travel - and ultimately - in life. How fantastic would it be, when you've returned home, to know that you have experienced something new, perhaps made lifelong friends and definitely have made and taken amazing memories with you. 

Why travel with us? Simple, we have created a place where you can be you! 

Sabrina Tsimonidis & MJ de Vries

Destination Damselfly



Born in London, to a Greek father and Italian mother, I moved to Greece in 1981.  Due to my mixed heritage, I am a third culture kid, and have lived in various countries that have instilled their mark on me culturally.  Both parents worked on cruise ships, allowing me to spend most of my childhood summers sailing the seas. Growing up surrounded by so many different cultures, I gained the most valuable lesson my parents could have given me.

Travel is in my genes, and even when I decided to give it up for various reasons in 2013, it had a hold on me.  I came back and that is when I decided to create Destination Damselfly, for women who wanted to travel, with their partner, their children and give them a place to be themselves. I always knew that travel was a way for people to enjoy new things and experience new places,  but what I came to realise was, that it helps you grow, as an individual, on the personal level, and I have been so extremely lucky to meet so many wonderful individuals and take part in their stories, and they in turn, in mine.   

I truly believe that travel opens your eyes, mind and heart to the past, the future and, to quote my mother, “contributes to an individual’s knowledge for life and in life, in ways no school can ever provide”  (you have to have an Italian accent in your head when you say that)

Our promise to each of our Destination Damselfly guests, is to be able to provide an experience to all of you who travel with us.  Where you can relax, be at ease, sooth your soul, and to create a vibe and place, where you can be you.

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MJde Vries

I was born in Holland, and later when I was finished with University I became involved in the travel industry.  I moved to the UK and currently live in Wales with my lovely wife. I have been in the travel industry for over 20 years now and like most of us that the travel bug hits, when I first came to Greece in 1999,  I instantly fell in love with travel all over again. I realized that Greece was a country where hospitality thrived. 

The warmth of the people, the culture, the history, combined with the food and the crystal waters,  made this a destination that I wanted to show to all my guests, but the stay was always short.  I never had enough time to really show it off.  

When Sabrina came to me with the idea of Destination Damselfly I loved the concept instantly, one destination, small groups of people with similar interests a place and where you can be you and do and see things off the beaten track.  I haven't looked back since.

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